Images of Prefects During Team Building Workshop at ATI

Friday, July 31, 2009

Prefects also took part in a workshop jointly organised with the Peer Group Club at ATI recently. They learnt through various team building games. It was a day of fun and knowledge enrichment.

Perhaps they took to the saying of "THE MORE YOU LEARN YOU MORE YOU EARN"

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Images of Prefects during Prize Giving Day 2009

Prefects of the school took part actively during the recent. Some were involved in the inspection of the guard-or-honour while many were in the choir leading the singing of the national and state anthem.

The prefects did the work assigned to them well. Kudos to all the prefects involved and also the teachers advisor.

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Former Haji Student Making Waves in Badminton

Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Breakthrough win" That was the headline screaming across the sport section of The Star dated 27 July 2009. It was followed by a sub highline "Peng-Soon Khim Wah snatch maiden Open Title in the Thailand Open.

Chan Peng Soon who is currently 21 years young was a former student of the school. He left school and joined the Bukit Jalil Sport School. Today he is breaking new ground and soon he will be a force to reckon.

Peng Soon, we are proud of you. Best of luck to you and may you achieve success after success!

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Images of Prefect During March Past at USM 2009

The school prefects took part in the march past during the recent sports day at USM. They looked elegant and smart in their full uniform.

They were given a round of applause at the grand stand.

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Team Building Programme 2009

On the morning of 25th July 2009,members of the Prefectorial Board and Peer Guidance Club made a maiden visit to ATI Centre or Tourism Training Centre in Macalister Road, Penang.

At the centre, the members were given hands on training on Team building from 8.30am to 1.30pm. Various team building games were also introduced. The sesssion ended with a scrumptious lunch hosted by ATI.

A big thank you to ATI for the support and also to the teachers advisor namely Madam Tay HL and Miss Low Li Im for the effort.

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In-Service Training 9th Session 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The 9th Session of the In-Service Training for the teachers was about discipline matter in the school. The facilitator shared his experiences about discipline of thestudents in the school and also some tips on classroom and students management.

Amusing anecdotes were also shared with the teachers present and this left some of the teachers in stitches. All in all it was a day well spent!

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Up and Coming Event - August 2009

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The school will be having a cross country on the 15th August 2009 and will also be celebrating National Day school level on the 17th of August.

Various activities have been set aside for the big day. Students will decorate their own classes and there will also be a patriotic song singing competition and a history quiz.

Attached photos from last year.

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Health Club Facial Mask 2009

Members of the Health Club recently learnt the art of making facial mask under the guidance of their teacher advisor Madam Choo. They had a great time not becauseof the mask but also fun in actually "wearing" one.

The best thing is that the facial mask is not the one in the market but made from vegetables like cucumber and other edible foodstuff.

Who say clubs are boring. That is food for thought!

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Cooking Competition 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Girl Guides of SMK Haji Zainul Abidin organised a cooking competition recently at the school canteen.

Various uniform units of the school participated. They are Girl Guides (4 teams), Prefects (2 teams), Boys' Brigade (1 team), Fire Brigade Cadet (1 team), Scouts (2 teams) and St John Ambulance cadet (4 teams).

7 teachers were selected as the official judges. The school prefects emerged the champion and second runner up while the scout was the first runner up. Congrats to the winners.

A big thank you to Miss Chew and Pn. Aida for organising the event.

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In-Service Training 8th Session 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The 8th session of the In-Service Training was carried out successfully recently and it proved to be an interesting one. Teachers were taught how to take video, edit and make a movie using Microsoft Movie Maker.

Teachers had a whale of a time shooting videos and had fun putting still pictures and motion pictures together with titles and some smooth transitions.

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In-Service Training 7th Session

The 7th session of the In-Service Training was conducted recently at the meeting room. It was about using module for classroom teaching. Teachers were given input for various methodology that could be used to make the lesson more interesting.

The session ended with Q & A.

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Girl Guide Floral Arrangement 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Recently during the weekly meeting of the Girl Guides, a facilitator was invited to the school to teach the members of the guide floral arrangement.

The guides learnt various ways to arrange flowers and the teacher advisors also learnt together with the guides. It was an enriching experience for the guides and also a healthy and useful activity.

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Sports Day 2009 Images

Friday, July 17, 2009

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The 36th School Annual Sports Day 2009

The school annual Sports Day 2009 was carried out successfully on the 9th of July 2009 at USM stadium despite a downpour which did not dampen the sporting spirits of the teachers and students present.

Blue House emerged as the champion house for this year with Yellow House as the first runner-up while Red House was the second runner-up.

The best participants for the boys' class 1 went to Ong Eu Beng and Tan Hoo Seng. For class 2 boys the best participants were Goh Kah Hong and Kang Chean Yao. For class 3 boys the best participants was Mohammad Feffriyanto bin M. Ishak. The best girl participant went to Fara Ain Syazwani bt mohd Faizal.

All in all it was a great day for the school. Hip Hip Hurray!!!!

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2nd Sports Day Rehearsal 2009

A second rehearsal was carried out on the 7th of July 2009 at 8am in the school field. The weather was conducive and everything went on smoothly much to the delight of the teachers and students.

Everyone looked forward to the "big" day at USM Stadium. Hopefully the weather would also be fine on that day.

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1st Sports Rehearsal

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The first sports rehearsal was carried out last week on the school field. All the students of the school were involved that is from Remove to Form 5.

Rehearsal was for the kompang group, the MC and also the march past. Besides that, there was also the oath taking practice.

After sweating it out for an hour, the students were finally allowed to go back to their classes again. Thanks to the cooperation of all the teachers and students the rehearsal was carried out fruitfully.

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In-Service Training- 6th Session

The in-service training 6th session was carried out as a regard to using EDUWEB TV in the daily teaching and learning in school. This session is unique that it exposes teachers to the use of materials from the EDUWEB TV site which contains many usable materials.

The teachers were also taught how to open an account at the site and also emailing the useful eduweb TV programmes to students and at the same maintaining a playlist.

At the end of the session the teachers were enriched with an extra avenue to enhance their P&P in the classroom.

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